Security Assessment And Hardening

A corporate business solution consists of various digital infrastructures  like operating systems , virtual machines , web servers, databases etc. working together. It is important to review the underlying infrastructures for security misconfigurations to reduce the attack surface.

What do we offer?

Operating System hardening : It involves assessment and hardening of various operating systems like Microsoft windows, Ubuntu , Red hat etc. for file systems configuration , network configuration(firewall configuration wrappers, network parameters), logging , access authentication and system maintenance.

Server hardening : It involves assessment and hardening of different types of web server like apache, NGINX etc for account security, network configuration , permission and ownership , logging , encryption , request filtering and restrictions.

Database hardening : It involves assessment and hardening of databases like mongodb for security measures like authentication, access control, data encryption, files permissions and ownerships.

In addition to assessing your infrastructures, we also provide production-ready hardened images which can be deployed on demand.