Security Awareness Program

With an increasing consumer awareness on security breaches and data risks, companies must now be more proactive in how they manage their systems. Our team at CryptoGen Nepal has diversified experience in the IT security. Our dedicated research team has been gathering various cyber security information, critical vulnerabilities, bugs, patches etc. We are the first ever cybersecurity based company in Nepal to share InfoSec weekly with no cost to you as part of our awareness programs.

With reference to guidelines issued by the regulators and organizational internal policy and requirement, enhancement of Knowledge in the field of ICT and Cyber Security has been increased and we are there for you meet this requirement.

Effective security awareness program turns the end users and participants into a strong last line of defense against cyber-attacks. To engage users and keep security top-of-mind, we offer a growing, continuously updated library of interactive cybersecurity training modules, videos, and articles—all with consistent, actionable messaging suitable for organizations. Our customizable cybersecurity education content covers a broad range of security risks, from phishing attacks to insider threats. We work as a bridge to educate your organizations' end users without wasting time to become a human Firewall.

This program ranges from basic knowledge regarding the knowledge of common vulnerabilities to exploit the extreme level that an attacker might reach to compromise your IT assets. This program extends its knowledge level how to protect your system, build the best network architecture and enhance the security postures in the organization and in your day to day life.

We offer these customized training programs both individually as per the scheduled calendar and to the corporate level participants.