Security Operations Center
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Managed SOC Service

Security Operations Center (SOC) is a centralized facility that continuously monitors and analyses security posture of an organization. SOC consists of highly trained security personnel, equipped with various tools and a set of defined process, responsible to identify, analyze ongoing traffics and respond to incidents.

Who needs a SOC?

Every organization with exposure to online threats needs SOC. If you work in an organization with exposure to internet business, chances are it already has devices to defend from various threats. Deploying a security appliance is not enough as attacker find a way around them. Monitoring the logs generated by these devices helps to identify potential attacks before they take control. Monitoring these logs may requires high expertise with dedicated teams for each product. SOC, when equipped with right tools, provides a centralized view of logs generated by various devices including servers, workstations, network devices and security appliances.


SOC requires highly skilled security professional continuously monitoring and analyzing various logs, automating repetitive tasks, responding to incidents 24/7, and many more. Finding the right manpower to build entire SOC in-house is expensive and extremely difficult to maintain.

A Managed Security Operation Center (MSOC) is a cost-effective way of utilizing all the benefits of SOC without incurring the overhead associated with building in-house SOC. CryptoGen Nepal consists of team of professional certified analysts and researchers who monitor your security posture 24/7 with right set of tools and expertise.

CryptoGen Nepal provides tailored service to your organization based on your needs.

The MSOC package includes:

  • - 24/7 monitoring
  • - SIEM and Log management
  • - Vulnerability assessment
  • - Security orchestration, automation and response
  • - Realtime monitoring and response
  • - Security awareness training