Incident Response

Incident response is a process that enables organizations to timely, effective respond to cyberattacks. The incident response process includes attack identification, categorization, implementing business continuity plan, and ensure similar incidents are prevented in the future.

An incident response plan is a set of documented procedures detailing the steps that should be taken in each phase of incident response. It should include guidelines for roles and responsibilities, communication plans, and standardized response protocols.

Under Attack?
Incident Response

How are we doing?

We maintains a set of playbooks for various incident based on categories and continuously tune to ensure response plans for all the evolving threats are in place. These playbooks are based on the foundation of incident response playbook and checklist developed by CISA.

Why is incident response plan required?

Preparation for the incident ensures the businesses are able to reduce the disruption of the services caused by an incident. Without a formal IR plan in place, organizations may not detect attacks or may not know what to do to contain, clean up and prevent attacks when detected.

To ensure the incidents are responded to effectively, there are few questions that need to be addressed

  • Have your security team been spending enough time on analysing the closed incidents?
  • Do you communicate with your incident response team members enough?
  • Have you improvised your incident process time and again?

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If you are suffering from a incident, are unsure of what to do next, and need professional assistance, you could need our compensated guidance.
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