Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management is an ongoing process of identifying, evaluating, prioritizing and remediating vulnerabilities discovered. It is a proactive approach to protect your modern IT infrastructures from different attacks and reduce the associated risks. People often confuse between vulnerability assessment and vulnerability management. Vulnerability assessment is an approach through which vulnerabilities associated with a given system is found whereas vulnerability management goes beyond by finding and managing those vulnerabilities. Vulnerability assessment is a part of vulnerability management. Through vulnerability management you can periodically scan the given assets and track remediation and patch progress for a wide range of vulnerabilities discovered. It gives you a detailed picture of what’s existing in your corporate network by effectively discovering total number of assets which may be missed while doing general vulnerability assessment

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Vulnerability Management

Risk Based Vulnerability Management

As attack surfaces have risen up, traditional vulnerability management does not help any more. The need for risk based vulnerability management is increasing. Risk based vulnerability management is a process that helps reduce the attack surface in your organization by effectively determining the overall risk associated with the given asset. Today, the organizations have oceans of assets ranging from work computer, networking devices, cloud servers, container technologies, IOT devices and more. Any of those assets can be a potential threat to the organization but by how much? Risk based vulnerability management helps find criticality rating of all the assets presented so that patch team can focus on fixing the vulnerabilities that matter to them most.

Process of Risk Based Vulnerability Management


Having transparency over what’s in your network is very critical as you can’t assess what you can’t see. The first and foremost step in vulnerability management is to detect total number of assets in a given organization.


Once assets are discovered they need to be assessed for vulnerabilities. In this phase vulnerabilities scans are created to periodically assess a given set of assets or on demand.


Not all vulnerabilities possess the same risk to the organization. It is of utmost important to prioritize vulnerabilities so that the team can focus on what matters most right now and plan the fixation accordingly.


Once vulnerabilities are prioritized the IT team needs to fix those vulnerabilities according to priority list. In this phase the patch team is given a list of vulnerabilities to fix according to the risk they possess and the fixations are initiated.

Measure and repeat

Key metrics are very important to work on improvements to strengthen the security posture. Metrics such as scanning strategies , time to fix , adherence to industry standards etc. are adjusted accordingly . As the vulnerability management is an ongoing process this repeats.

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