SWIFT CSP Assessment

The SWIFT Customer Security Programme (CSP) is a set of guidelines and best practices developed by SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) to help financial institutions protect themselves against cyber threats and improve their overall security posture.

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SWIFT CSP Assessment

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Our SWIFT Assessment service includes a thorough review of the client’s current systems and processes, including their use of technology to support the SWIFT Environment. We will identify areas of improvement and make recommendations for optimizing the organization’s systems and processes to increase efficiency and productivity.

Once the assessment is complete, we will provide the client with a comprehensive report outlining our findings and recommendations. We will also work to provide guidance for the implementation of any necessary changes, and will provide ongoing support as needed to ensure the success of the project.

Our services for SWIFT assessment include

An on-demand report is a type of security assessment report that is generated on demand in response to a request from a client. This report provides an in-depth analysis of an organization’s security posture and identifies any vulnerabilities or weaknesses that exist. It typically includes information on the organization’s security controls, policies, and procedures, as well as details on any security breaches or incidents that have occurred.

  • Comprehensive evaluation of a financial institution’s payment and settlement systems, including their participation in the SWIFT network
  • Coverage of a range of areas including cyber security, operational resilience, and compliance with industry standards and regulations (CSCF)
  • Conducted by a team of experts with extensive knowledge and experience
  • Review of the financial institution’s policies, procedures, and controls related to SWIFT systems
  • On-site testing and interviews with key personnel to verify the effectiveness of the institution’s controls
  • Detailed report identifying vulnerabilities and areas for improvement, with recommendations for addressing them
  • Helps ensure the integrity and reliability of the financial institution’s payment and settlement systems, and protects against potential risks such as cyber threats and operational errors.

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